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"...I'm going to escape."

"What? Don't make me laugh, you know you can't get out of here unless you open your portal during its time."


"Listen. Your portal hasn't been created since you yourself was created. That was quite awhile ago."

"Yes. But... I can feel that my portal's time will come again very soon."

"Don't come crying to me though when your feeling doesn't come true."

"Oh. That won't be a problem."


A devious smirk faded away on the screen of the television as the character being shown came to their end. The screen went to black before the credits made their appearance.

A young brunette yawned, picking up the remote and shutting off the television. "That was a good movie. I'm glad I was able to borrow it."

The girl stood up and started to make her way out of the room, turning off lights as she went. "Time for bed! We've got a fun day tomorrow." She turned off the last light and closed the door to her room, settling into bed and falling asleep.

Morning came, and the girl woke up to a text that she just received.

"Jenny! I hope you're ready, the party starts at 3!"

Jenny blinked, picking up her glasses and putting them on so she could correctly see the clock on the wall. When thinking it was earlier, the time read 2pm.

"Crap! And it's a costume party, too. I don't have any time to get anything together!" Jenny scrambled out of bed, not worrying if her sheets fell on the floor, and hurried into her closet. "Crap crap crap. I've got no-!" She paused. Her eyes scanned over the old costume she wore for the Halloween before last. They never said that it had to be new, did they?

Being satisfied with the last moment choice, Jenny grabbed the costume and hurried into the bathroom. After freshening up and making it look like she didn't just fall out of bed, she began to make her change from pajamas to costume.

It really was simple to change into the costume, Jenny was really lucky for this. By the time she finished, she had just enough time to get herself to the party.

"I'm so glad that this still fit!" Jenny said happily to herself, walking back into her room to grab some last minute items. Replacing her normal glasses for the sunglasses that came with the outfit, the brunette took the time to look over herself in the wall mirror behind her door.

She was completely decked out in black. The overcoat she wore was zipped more near the top than in the middle, leaving the rest flowing to whichever direction it wanted. It was well supplied with pockets in the front, giving Jenny more than enough places to keep her phone and other things. The cargo pants were baggy but fit nicely, with a set of chains hanging off each side. With the help of quick spray on hair dye, dark purple streaks were also able to highlight the brunettes hair. Besides the sunglasses, the wings made the final touch. They were large, but surprisingly light. A design covered the inner wings, giving the hint that veins ran through them, despite the odd way they were placed.


A dark figure lifted her head. Wings on its back twitched with the feeling of excitement. A white pair of teeth showed through the shadows, showing a mischievous grin.

"That time will never come again, hm?"

The figure chuckled and stood. Without any hesitation, it was gone in an instant.


Jenny was very pleased with herself. She smiled, ready to turn around and go, but something different caught her eye. She could feel herself smiling, but her reflection was emotion less. She took a step towards the mirror, to see if maybe she was wrong about her having been smiling.

The mirror copied her, like it always should. But the something different happened.

"I'd like to thank you, friend." The figure in the mirror grinned deviously. Jenny screamed and fell backwards. The mirror though, didn't copy this time. Instead, the figure that was in the mirror stepped out like there wasn't any glass there in the first place. The figure looked exactly like Jenny. But upon closer inspection, the figure was actually what Jenny was before she cut her hair shorter than shoulders length.

Jenny was speechless, crawling backwards as far as she could until she hit the wall. The other girl smirked and followed Jenny, crouching down in front of her once she hit the stopping point.

"There there, don't be scared." The girl said, taking the sunglasses away from Jenny. The other girl frowned. "Your eyes are still showing fear. I said don't be scared. I said I was going to thank you, didn't I?"

Jenny stuttered, not being able to comprehend the scene, but couldn't stop being scared after seeing the real fangs that hide within the others teeth.

The other girl sighed and stood. "Fine. Don't accept my thanks. But at least accept this." She looked down, tilting her own sunglasses down to show her striking dark purple eyes. "Ash. And don't forget it. Because that's the last name you'll hear and that's what this place will be when I'm done with it."

Jenny was ready to stand up and say something but the other girl had already disappeared. She slumped back down onto the ground, not being able to stop shaking. What was that anyways? It couldn't have been a dream, it was much to real.

The party.

Everyone that Jenny knew was going to be there. The least she could do for the moment is warn them and convince them all to help think of something. She stood up and bolted out the door. Just as the door behind her slammed shut, the glass that Ash appeared out of cracked in the corner.
So... this is something that I'm starting to write.

Just a little preview of sorts~ enjoy <3
Spaced-Out-Geek Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
I like it.
Will there be anyone at the party with, oh I don't know... Dark blonde hair, a name that starts with an E, is obsessed with Slendy and Pyramid Head, and dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera?
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge?
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